How to search for and select campaigns in Qualifio?

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Do you simply want to find and select campaigns in the campaign widget, campaigns as rewards or the earning rules?
This guide provides instructions on how to effectively use this generic campaign search component in the aforementioned contexts in Qualifio. Let’s go! 

Search for a campaign

Every now and then in Qualifio, you will come across a search bar that allows you to search for campaigns more easily.

Provide an input in the search bar:

  • Enter the full name of a campaign or its ID. Please have a look here to remember how to find a campaign’s ID.
  • The auto-suggest function will assist you in finding the correct campaign as soon as you have entered at least 3 characters.

Why can’t I find my campaign in the list?

  • Campaigns in the search are of course restricted to your client account and also by language. For example, if you are looking for a campaign to integrate in the English version of your portal, you will be able to search only amongst campaigns published in English.
  • Only campaigns with the ‘ON’ status that are also identified are included in the search.

Find a campaign

Based on the search input your have provided, results will appear as follows:

  • Up to 10 closest matching campaigns are displayed.
  • The list of results is ordered by campaign creation date.
  • Campaign labels are shown in full.

Search results are supplemented with additional information to assist users:

  • Start and end dates of the campaign.
  • Channel type and website name (where applicable).


If users click on the dropdown menu without typing anything, the 3 most recent campaigns are displayed.

Select a campaign

Just click on the campaign of your choice or move with the arrows on your keyboard and type  ‘ENTER’ to select it:

  • You can select only one or multiple campaigns depending on the context.
  • You must select a campaign or a channel for each language.

Watch out for campaigns published on a single channel vs. multiple channels! 

  • For campaigns published on a single channel, one entry is shown in the results.
  • For campaigns published on multiple channels, all channels are listed in the results with the same campaign name. Select thus with attention your preferred channel


These are the key aspects of using the generic Campaign Search component. By following these instructions, you can easily find and select campaigns based on your needs while benefiting from the auto-suggest function, relevant scoping, and supplementary information.

Enjoy using it!

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