How to use campaigns as rewards in your program?

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Do you want to add excitement to your loyalty program to increase your members’ engagement? This article shows you how you can set up campaigns as rewards and  incentivise members to exchange points against access to exclusive and engaging content.

With campaigns as rewards, members can spend points to redeem an access to participate in Qualifio campaigns and get a chance to win instant prizes, join exclusive draws, and engage with extra questionnaires or contests.

Create a Campaign Reward

To add and set up a new campaign reward:

  1. Go to  ‘Rewards’ in the program of your choice
  2. Click on the ‘+ ‘ button to add a new reward and choose ‘Campaign access’ 

  1. Provide a label for the campaign reward, upload a relevant campaign picture, add a description and click on ‘Save’. This information will be displayed to the member in the reward catalog on the portal.
  2. Search for an Engage campaign and select it for each language of the program.

Note: the search bar only returns campaigns published in the language targeted.

  1. Define a collective limit and a validity period and click on ‘Save’ .
    1. Collective limit: number of times that access to the campaign can be redeemed.
    2. Validity period: period of time during which a member will retain their access to the exclusive campaign after spending their points on it. 
      • E.g., if program member Mark gains access at 1PM and the validity period is set to 2 hours, Mark has until 3PM to use his access and participate in the campaign. After this, Mark won’t be able to actually access the campaign anymore.
      • The validity period is not mandatory. If left empty, a redeemed access to the campaign will remain valid indefinitely.

Once your campaign reward is set up, don’t forget to create  the corresponding burning rule so it is visible on the portal and members can actually redeem their points for it!

Monitor your campaign rewards and adapt

In the ‘Rewards’ tab , you can follow up on the lifecycle of your campaign rewards. Just like with other rewards, you can consult their available quantities for each campaign.


You can update active or sell out campaigns by modifying the collective limit or validity period at all times.

Note: campaigns are marked as sold out if expired, deactivated, or if all accesses are used up.

Experience Campaign Rewards from the member’s point of view

In the portal, members can spend their points in exchange for access to a campaign and directly play it.

  1. Burning: Click on ‘get your reward’ for a specific campaign, confirm in the modal, and receive a secure access to the exclusive campaign. 

  1. Replay Option: if you left early, replay the campaign with the button in the ‘rewards history’ widget.

Note: The ‘clock’ button indicates to members when their access is about to expire.  

Experience the benefits of campaign rewards in your loyalty program. From setup to member participation, it's a straightforward journey. 

Dive in and enjoy campaign rewards!

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