How to add a Qualifio campaign in a loyalty portal?

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Do you want to include quizzes, contests, games into your loyalty portal to increase gamification and member engagement? This article shows you how you can embed any of the 50+ formats of Qualifio campaigns in a loyalty portal via your Editor.

Let’s get started!

Create a campaign widget

To integrate a campaign in your loyalty portal:

  1. Click on ‘Editor’ on the top side of the page.
  2. Once in the Editor, browse amongst the widgets in the “blocks“ of the sidebar and select the Campaign widget.
  3. Drag the widget from the library and place it anywhere within the      edition zone layout.

  1. Type in the name of your campaign and select it amongst the options returned by the search bar to insert it in the portal.

  1. After selecting your campaign, you may adjust the its behavior to your liking (don’t worry: you can always change it later). There are 3 options:
    1. In a pop-up: the campaign will be displayed in a modal window over the portal.
    2. In a new page: the campaign will be displayed in a new tab.
    3. As an iframe: the campaign will be displayed in the portal directly.

Note: Members are already logged when playing a campaign from the loyalty portal. Therefore, their first name, last name and email address will be automatically prefilled at the form step of the campaign. If you do not aim to collect more data than these 3, simply activate the ‘skip’ the form option  in the campaign settings to provide seamless experience to the members.

  1. Define the participation limits for your members:
    1. Activate the limit settings by using the toggle.
    2. Enter the number of participations allowed for each member.


Be careful when using the limitation option on the campaign widget

The limitation option for a campaign integrated in the loyalty portal uses the secure token. The limitation by custom token must be activated in the campaign settings in order to be taken into account. If another limitation has been configured in campaign settings, it will overrule the limit set in the loyalty editor. Click here to learn more about campaign standard participation limit possibilities and custom token limits.

  1. Your campaign widget is now ready. Click on the ‘Save’ button and then on the ‘Publish’ button, and view the result live on your portal.

And that’s it, you are done!

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