Comparison between the beta & old versions of the photo gallery

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This guide covers what to consider before you choose a gallery version and the feature differences between the new Beta gallery and its old counterpart.

Before you begin

There are two important things to know before you choose a gallery version.

  • The new gallery is in beta – which means our team is still working on it. The Beta photo gallery has powerful new features such as faster loading, added flexibility to arrange caption content, fullscreen preview of submissions, and a mobile-first experience. But not all features we want to include exist in the new beta version at the moment.
  • Gallery version is a permanent choice - After choosing a gallery version in your campaign, you can’t revert to the other version. So take your time and ensure that you’re happy with your choice before you click "Create a gallery". Keep in mind that you will have to start over with a new upload campaign if you change your mind afterwards.

Differences between versions

Carefully review the differences in this section before making a choice.

Feature Old version New beta version
Slideshow only mode Supported Not supported
Fullscreen zoom preview Not supported Supported
Mobile-first experience Not supported Supported
Display of participant's name Supported Supported
Photo caption Title only Can combine title, subtitle, description
Thumbnails per page Supported Supported
Columns per page Not supported Supported
Search option Supported Supported
Photo order options - most recent first
- oldest first
- randomly
- most voted first
- least voted first
- most recent first
- oldest first
- most voted first
- least voted first

The gallery randomiser is not supported.
Category filters Supported Not supported
Sharing options
(share individual gallery items)
Supported Not supported
Bulk photo upload Supported Not supported
Double access Supported Supported
Photo moderation

Any contest entry can be moderated (if a participant submits several images, you must approve the entry as a whole)

Any image can be moderated (if a participant submits several images, you can choose to approve each of them separately)

Participation limit



Tracking and exporting results



Picking winners



When you’re ready to choose your gallery type, click Create a gallery. This can’t be undone.

Review this guide to learn how to use the beta version of the photo gallery: Create an online photo contest (Beta gallery)

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