What is the function of the funnel?

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The funnel is a feature available in the stats of your campaign. This tool helps you to visualize the path followed by your participants from the first to the last screen of your campaign, depending on the type and the content of your campaign. The data are shown in percentage or in volume.

In this example we have 3782 participants and amongst them only 1745 have finished the campaign.

These 1745 have seen the exit screen, the funnel counts a view every time the page is displayed (as an example we can say that this is not exactly the same as Google Analytics which use cookies to avoid page views doublons etc.) : it means that if a single person makes 100 refresh of the page, 100 views will be added into the funnel.

Case study:

The funnel is an important tool to optimize your campaigns. It will allow you to A/B test some campaigns and so analyse what are the most importants items to incentive the conversions (in terms of data collection for example).

A client wants to create two identified memory campaigns during 3 months. To create an A/B testing, we will create 2 versions of the campaign : one with the form before the game and one with the form after. Once the campaigns are over, if both campaigns have been activated the same way etc. the difference of identified participants might help the client to know which option is the best for its audience.


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