What is the statistics funnel?

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The statistics funnel is a handy tool to understand the flow of participants through your campaign. This tutorial will explain what it is and how to use it.

What is the funnel?

The funnel is a method that helps you visualise the steps required to complete a campaign and how many participants get through each of those steps.

In Qualifio, the funnel tracks participants throughout the campaign and tells you how many of them make it through each step.

The typical steps required to complete a campaign are:

  • viewing the welcome screen,
  • answering the questions (calculated as the count of visits on the first question),
  • completing the form,
  • and viewing the exit or thank you screen.

Welcome screen > questions > form > exit screen

You can find the funnel by opening up your campaign statistics and going to Detailed report > Funnel.

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-18 à 11.40.14.png

Let’s say in a given week the number of users who got through each step is:

view welcome screen 1,000
answer questions 500
complete form 300
view exit screen 200

A typical funnel chart like the one below transforms this data and makes it easier to visualise how many users are getting through each step of the campaign.

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-18 à 12.04.04.png

The funnel makes it clear that the biggest drop in the campaign happens right at the beginning – only half of our users answered questions.

If the form is skipped because all the fields were prefilled, or if participants skip the optional steps, they stay in the funnel but aren’t counted for this specific step.

This is exactly what’s going on in this funny-looking funnel:

capture d’écran 2019-04-09 à 15_12_46.png

How to use the statistics funnel

The funnel shows you where your users are dropping off along the campaign path. You can use it to figure out where to make improvements, and ultimately to boost conversions.

In the example above, the biggest drop-off occurred from viewing the welcome screen to answering questions, so making improvements in the welcome screen experience would have the biggest impact on the overall conversion rate.

📈 Why do I get differing numbers when comparing Qualifio and Google Analytics? Understanding the view count in funnel steps can be tricky. Qualifio’s funnel counts a view whenever a page loads. So yes, it counts refreshing the page (loading it again) as a page view. This metric might not be the same as in other analytics tools, where cookies are sometimes used to avoid duplication.

What is the difference between the per-campaign-step funnel and the per-question funnel?

Now, it is likely that additional info would help you better understand the drop-off point. To make the analysis more actionable, the funnel includes all the questions within the "questionnaire" stage.

For example, this is a funnel for the questionnaire step from the first to the last question:

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-18 à 12.10.33.png

In the example above, all is well, as 100% of participants are retained throughout the questionnaire. But in other cases, breaking the questionnaire down further allows you to see that once users answer the first question, they’re likely to drop off:

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-18 à 12.11.25.png


As you can see, funnels are very useful in helping you understand what part of the campaign has the most opportunity for improvement. You could still investigate even further to understand why users are dropping off, but the funnel gives you a great starting point!

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