How to manage integrations & partners in my account

Tabata Vossen -

Only if you're the admin of the account: In the Settings of your account, below the Setup section, you will find an "Integrations & Partners" subsection.

This screen is meant to be a dashboard from which you can pilot all of your integrations (connecting Qualifio with a payment system or with your CRM, for instance).

The Integrations & Partners screen gives you an overview of all possible integrations with Qualifio (on the screenshot above are 4 examples, but we also work with Selligent, Lotame, MyCoreg, Janrain and many more).

For each integration, you can request an activation. In some cases, you can even activate it yourself and configure the whole script for each website.

Each integration is clickable for more info and is documented with screenshots, FAQs and a short description.

In the future, each new integration will be added there.