I activated the "Do not display the form if all mandatory fields are pre-filled" option, yet the form is not pre-filled when I replay. Why?

Quentin Paquot -

When you create an identified campaign, in the Form step, you will find an option called "Do not display the form if all mandatory fields are pre-filled".

This option only applies when mandatory fields are pre-filled with information from another source:

  • URL (via an email, for instance);
  • Facebook Login;
  • Identity Access Management/Single Sign-On software (such as Gigya or Janrain, for example);
  • a secure token.

Otherwise mandatory fields information is not saved from one participation to another. Which means that if you activate this option in a campaign that does not get pre-filled information from a third-party source, the form will keep displaying after a replay. Participants are thus going to have to fill in the form each time they enter the campaign.

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