How to select multiple answers in a checkbox-type question?

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Checkboxes are a closed-ended question type that allows multiple answers to be selected, which makes them a good option when you want to give your participants the option to choose several items from a group of choices.

Let us show you a neat example where this makes sense:


If you had used radio buttons instead of checkboxes, the user would only be allowed to pick a single favourite animal, but with checkboxes, they can select all of them or some of them.

Creating a checkbox question

To add this question type to your questionnaire:

  1. Select Multiple checkboxes in the field type section of your question.
  2. Enter the question text.
  3. In the Answers field, enter each answer choice.
  4. Configure any additional options.
  5. Click Save.

Managing multiple answers

Checkboxes support instant field validation for multiple answers, which is useful if, for instance, you need two or more checkboxes to be checked.

Under the Field type selection, you can set a range or limit on how many answers the participant must check. Minimum and maximum requirements are available, so you can enter the number of answer choices you want to require the participant to answer.


Customising the error message

If you require to answer a specific range or number of answer choices, we made sure to add an error message to reflect your requirement so participants will know how to answer your question correctly ;)


Under the Validation tab of your question, you can customise this error message to specify a required question's range or limit so participants can successfully answer your required question.


Other options & settings

You can further customise your questionnaire in the following ways:

  • Make the question required or optional
  • Show the question within a specific time range
  • Sort or randomise answer choices
  • Set a time limit for questions
  • Display all questions on the same page
  • Authorise "back" button (to previous questions)
  • Customise the position of the hint
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