How to associate a default template to my website?

Olivier Simonis -

The rights level required to associate a default template to a website is Creator, Administrator, or Marketer. This means that not all users can do this. If you think your status doesn't grant you the right to do it, please contact the Administrator or your account.

When selecting a website (in the 'Channels' step), you can have a default template automatically applied to your campaign. How? By associating this template to your website (with the colours, fonts, etc. of your website).

You have different possibilities to associate a template to a website:

  • You can select a template when you create or edit a website (Parameters > Websites).


  • You can select a website when saving a template ('Look & feel' step).
  • Or you can select a website when editing a template (Documents → Templates).

Once a template has been associated with a website, when you select a website in your campaign, the template will be automatically applied to your campaign, allowing you to preview your campaign with the right look & feel.