Why can't I select winners based on browser time in a Memory or a Guess the word?

Maxime Sahroui -

For campaign types that have a timer (e.g. in a Chrono quiz or a Sudden Death), two values calculate the time:

  1. The "time" is the timer displayed in the browser. This value is displayed in JavaScript and is available to all users with good enough IT knowledge. For instance, if they choose to deactivate JavaScript on their browser, the value will be 0.
  2. The "server time" is the timer saved on our servers. It is the difference between the start and the end of the questionnaire or game. This value isn't falsifiable but isn't perfect either (e.g. latency between our server and the client). Someone playing from another continent will have an increased latency, making their time longer even if he was faster during the game.

Together, these values allow us to identify potential cheaters.

In the results table at the end of the participation, we always display the first one, so the browser time.

We decided not to allow a time-based drawing because

  • the first value is easily falsifiable,
  • the second value isn't communicated to the participant and isn't 100% consistent with the reality (potential latency, as explained above).
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