What are additional "qualification" questions?

Tabata Vossen -

Qualifio's "qualification questions" feature allows you to propose an additional questionnaire to your participants after the campaign in order to get more information about them.

Prerequisite: As this feature is available in the "Form" step of your campaign, it can only be used in identified campaigns. You will not find this feature in an anonymous campaign.

Enable the "qualification questions" advanced feature

  1. To enable the "qualification questionnaire" advanced feature in Qualifio, go to the Settings menu and select Advanced Features.
  2. Access the "Qualification questionnaire" and you will see an ON/OFF button.
  3. Enable this feature to have access to it when creating a campaign. Qualification questionnaires can only be seen when turned on from the Advanced Features.

Enable the qualification questions in your campaign

From the Form step in your campaign, you will be able to enable this feature:

When this is done, a new "Qualification" step will appear in your campaign:


Campaign example