How individual and collective participation limits work

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It is possible in Qualifio to limit the number of participations in a campaign. (The total number of participations, the number of participations per week, per hour, etc.)

In order to do that, go to the Settings step of your campaign creation, under Limits.


There are different options you can use:

For each participant (individual limits)


Unlimited participations: No limit

- One participation only: Each participant can play once (based on first name, last name and email address + a cookie)

- Limit the number of participations based on IP address: Each participant can play once (based on IP address)*

- Limit the number of participations based on e-mail address: Each participant can play once (based on e-mail address)**

- No participation during the next minutes/hours/days: No participation allowed for the participant during 60 minutes / 24 hours / 7 days (based on first name, last name and email address + a cookie). E.g. a Sudden Death quiz in which participants must wait a whole day (so 24 hrs) to play again.

- No participation until the next hour/day/Monday: No participation allowed for the participant until the next hour, the day after, or the Monday after (based on first name, last name and email address + a cookie). E.g. a quiz with only one participation every Monday.

* An IP address can be shared between several participants (e.g. all employees in one office location) 

** Only available for identified campaigns (including an identification form with an email address field)

Limit the total number of participants or participations (collective limits)


- Limit the number of participants to...: Limit the total of unique participants to N. E.g. the first 100 unique participants win a prize.

- Limit the number of games to...: Limit the total number of participations (entries) to N. (So a participant can still take part in your campaign multiple times.) E.g. The first 100 participations win a prize, independently of the number of unique participants.

What happens if you configure a limit while your campaign already running?

  • Individual limits will be taken into account for the upcoming participants. For instance, if your campaign has been running for a couple of days already and you've had some participants, obviously the limit isn't going to apply retroactively (we cannot remove the participations of a user who participate 5 times if suddenly a new limit of one participation a day is applied). However, new participants will have the limit applied to them immediately.
  • Collective limits will be taken into account retroactively. For instance, if you already have 50 participants and you want to add a collective limit of 100 participants in total, you will be able to get 50 more before the limit applies.

📝 Pro tip: Qualifio also enables you to limit participations based on custom actions. For a look at how you can fetch external information to define in real time who can participate in your campaign, read this tutorial.


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