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The Master Forms are used to keep your forms organised and to make sure your entire team is working towards a qualitative and consistent data strategy. It is especially helpful if you have a lot of forms to choose from and a lot of users in your account. If you want to master your forms, it’s time to familiarise yourself with this powerful feature!

What is a Master Form?

The main benefit of this feature is that Master Forms can be used to avoid members of your team forgetting to select a single sign-on or to check a specific option (such as the position of the form), thus ensuring a better, more consistent data strategy.

How do I...

TIP: Only Admin users can create new Master Forms and edit them.

Creating a Master Form

  1. From the menu, click Content (📁)
  2. Click on Forms
  3. Click on Create a new form to start a new blank Master Form. A few details need to be specified before you can begin adding fields to the form (i.e. form name and language). Alternatively, you can choose to edit an existing form and save it as a Master Form.
  4. Click on the toggle to the left to Pin this form as Master Form
  5. Additionally, you can lock and unlock all the options on the form, which is helpful to prevent errors and omissions. If you want to "force" a setting so that no one can change it, make sure it is locked. If you tick the box but don't lock the option, it will be checked by default, but other users in your account will still be able to uncheck it.
  6. Click on Save

Attaching a Master Form to a campaign

A Master Form is attached to a campaign via its Form step. It must be attached from the drop-down menu on the left. When you browse the forms, you will notice that Master Forms are coloured differently from the other forms and that they appear at the top of your list.

Useful information

  1. To edit a Master Form, go to Documents > Forms. Locate the form you want to modify and choose Edit. Any changes you make will automatically be reflected in the campaigns this Master Form is attached to.
  2. To add an opt-in to your Master Form, simply go to the Form step of your campaign > Opt-ins. It will open a section you can select your opt-in(s) from. Click on the checkbox to insert an opt-in in your campaign.
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