How to use branching logic in Qualifio

Tabata Vossen -

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Understanding branching logic


Branching is useful when you want to send participants down different paths within your campaign. Branching logic is a bit like "Choose your own adventure" books: based on how participants respond to some questions, they will take a different route.



Add branching logic to your surveys & personality tests

1. Where can I find the branching feature?

Depending on what you need, this feature is available in two places in Qualifio Manager's wizard. To start, click on "Create a new campaign."

  • You simply wish to be able to use branching in a campaign?


  • You want to use branching in your campaign AND be able to set up customised exit screens?


In this case, as in a classic personality test, customised exit screens will be your different profiles set up in the "Exit" step.

2. What are the various branching options?

Branching is a feature designed to make your campaigns smarter. In campaigns with branching, each answer has 3 possible options:

  1. "Next question": go to the following question (this option is activated by default);
  2. "Question x": jump to a specific question further in the questionnaire;
  3. "End of questionnaire": end the questionnaire (thus jumping to the form or exit screen).

For instance, if your questionnaire has 7 questions in total, here are your options for each possible answer to the first question:


NB: If you are using an open question (e.g. Memo zone) or a multiple answer kind of question ("Checkbox"), your branching option will be applied to all answers. For example, if you choose a "Memo zone" field, the system won't analyse all entries to redirect participants based on the answer they typed in. Whatever the participant's answer, they will all be directed to the same location.