How to create a "shell game" campaign?

Thomas Janssens -

Inspired by the famous television games, the participants are placed in front of three closed doors. Behind one of them is a prize to win!


Create a fun and fast-to-play campaign based on chance like an instant win, a jackpot, or wheel of fortune. The campaign is customizable at will. You can set 3 or more doors, chests, or any object hiding something. The end screen shows the selection of the participant and can include any CTAs or other elements!

Remember that, on this format you can set a total participation limit, but you cannot control how many people will win so you should keep this in mind if you have a limited number of prizes ! 


Campaign type: Quiz (classic) identified or anonymous

For the welcome screen in step 2, you can choose to have one (to explain the game for example) but you can always put this as text directly above your questions in step 3 (like we did in our showcase example). It is in step 3 that the magic happen and where we set the game up. 


In step 3, we will setup as many questions as there are images.

Each question will have the same text, and all answers will be correct but with specific associated points. These points combined will allow us to define specific exit screens.

Example with doors:

Question 1: Open the door with the treasure!

Winning door A (left door) Correct answer = 1 point

Losing door B (middle door) Correct answer = 2 points

Losing door: C (right door) Correct answer = 3 points

Question 2: Open the door with the treasure!

Losing door A (left door) Correct answer = 4 points

Winning door B (middle door) Correct answer = 5 points

Losing door C (right door) Correct answer = 3 points

Question 3: Open the door with the treasure!

Losing door A (left door) Correct answer = 4 points

Losing door B (middle door) Correct answer = 2 points

Winning door C (right door) Correct answer = 6 points




Then, in the dropdown "Presentation of of the questions", select the option "random" and "1 question". This option will have each participant offered a single set of doors that will vary every time.


TIP: To save time, setup your first question, then duplicate for the other questions. Don't forget to change the points attributed!


Exit screen

Each answer being "correct" but giving a different score, we will configure the exit screens based on the participants' score. Choose the orange button below your standard exit screen : 


Then, create 6 different exit screens (1-1, 2-2, etc...) for each score combination possible. Don't forget to copy paste to save some time. 

Going back to our door example, the exit screens will be:

1 point = Won! with open left door displayed

2 points = Lost! with open center door displayed

3 points = Lost! with open right door displayed

4 points = Lost! with open left door displayed

5 points = Won! with open center door displayed

6 points = Won! with open right door displayed



That's it ! You're campaign is ready. Don't forget to test !