How to use images in emails?

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Which format to choose?

The most commonly used image formats for emailing are JPG and PNG. However, it is preferable to use JPG because the PNG format is not always well-supported by all email providers. To prevent possible display problems or image blocking issues, it is recommended to add alternative text to your images (alt attribute="" on the image tag). This substitute text enhances accessibility by providing a visual description, even when the image doesn't display. Additionally, it helps optimize your landing pages for search engines.

<img src="discount-ticket.jpg" alt="10% discount" width="200" height="200">


What size for the images?

It is recommended to use the actual size you want to display in the email. Some email clients may misinterpret resizing, so if you add a very large image, it may not resize correctly. A good practice is to use the "width" attribute on the img tag to impose a size on the image.

width="600" height="auto"


To start creating your email, you can also use our various ready-to-use HTML email templates.

How to create beautiful emails in Qualifio.


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