How to set up an automated export

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What is an automated export?

An automated export setup allows users to configure and automate the process of exporting data to predefined endpoints, such as Amazon S3 or sFTP servers, at specified frequencies and moments, using specific templates and customisable file names.

The mandatory steps for this configuration are:

  1. The export server setup
  2. The automated export setup

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Export server setup

Which export servers can I use for automated exports?

You can use either Amazon S3 or sFTP as your export servers. Each option requires specific fields to be filled during the setup.

Export server setup

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How can I test if my export server is correctly set up?

You can test the connection to your export server to verify if all the credentials are properly set up. This step ensures the automated exports can be pushed to the server without issues.

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Can I set up multiple export servers?

Yes, you can set up several export servers. This enables you to use them in upcoming exports or push several exports to the same server.

Automated export setup

How do I configure an automated export?

To configure an automated export, select the endpoint you previously configured. Then, specify key elements such as the frequency and moment of the export, use a specific template if needed, and customize the file name using dynamic variables.

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What is the “Export only new data” option?

If you use the “Export only new data” option, the system will only include data that has not yet been exported in the file(s). This ensures that each export contains only new information.

How do I select which campaigns to automatically export?

Use the campaign filter to define the campaigns you want to automatically export. You can filter campaigns based on their dates, websites, languages, or statuses (on/off).

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How can I choose which participations to export from these campaigns?

In the participation filter, you can define which participations from the selected campaigns to export. You can choose to export all participations or only those with opt-ins, for example.

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Can I test the automated export before activating it?

Yes, you can test the export by clicking Trigger now. This feature allows you to verify the setup before fully activating the automated export.

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What should I do after setting up the automated export?

Don’t forget to activate your export once you have completed the setup and testing. Activation ensures that the automated exports will run according to the defined schedule and parameters.

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Advanced options

There are two advanced options to further customise the automated exports:

- The Export templates

- The Export variables

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