How to add campaign sponsors

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The Sponsors option allows you to feature your sponsors, partners or advertisers in the footer of your campaign. You’re able to include their logo and a link to their website. Follow the guide below to add a sponsor’s logo to your campaign.

How to add a sponsor

  1. In Campaigns, navigate to your campaign and go to Welcome > Sponsors.
  2. To add a sponsor, click the orange + Add a sponsor button at the bottom of the step.
  3. Enter the sponsor name, website URL, logo and a custom copy.

    Note: Sponsor logos will be resized to fit into a 140x65 space. Best logo choice is a PNG, but supported file types also include JPG, GIF and SVG. Maximum file size is 1 MB.

  4. Click the green Save button to save your changes.

Edit, delete and reorder sponsors

  • To edit a sponsor, click the orange pencil icon on the right of the sponsor name.
  • To delete a sponsor, click the red trash can on the right of the sponsor name.

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  • You can also reorder your sponsors by dragging and dropping them.

Other ways to display sponsors on your campaign

Sponsors and partners can be added to your campaign in other locations, such as:

  • On the campaign banner or footer via the Look & feel step. These custom images can prominently display your sponsor’s logo, ensuring visibility across every campaign page. This is ideal for showcasing top sponsors.
  • On the campaign home page via the Welcome step. Incorporate your sponsor’s logo alongside a direct link to their website, positioning them prominently on the first page of the campaign and maximising their exposure.

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