Opt-ins related features deprecation

Olivier de Lamotte -

As we continuously strive to enhance our offerings, we sometimes must phase out certain features from our tool. Consequently, we will be discontinuing the following features, all associated with the opt-ins used in your campaigns.

Facebook Likes Opt-ins

These opt-ins, which do not collect data through our systems and offer no tracking capability, will be phased out from our services in May 2024.

At the time of this writing, no active campaign is utilizing this feature.


The welcome emails, triggered each time an opt-in is selected, will be decommissioned. It is more efficient to dispatch these emails via the customer’s master database, which accurately tracks whether a customer has opted in for the first time.

This feature will be removed from our offerings in May 2024.

Start & End Dates

Start and end dates will no longer be included in our opt-ins as they have not been utilized for planning purposes. The default end date was set to 2050 upon creation. Going forward, all opt-ins will be classified as either Active or Inactive.

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