Publishing campaigns on Facebook

Tabata Vossen -

You can publish Qualifio campaigns on Facebook. Campaigns that you make available on Facebook appear in custom tabs of your Facebook page. You can edit campaigns in Qualifio, and any changes you make to campaigns are automatically updated on Facebook.


To be able to publish on Facebook, you must meet a few requirements:

  • Make sure that you are the Admin of the Facebook Page you wish to publish your campaign on.
  • If this is the first time you're looking to publish a Qualifio campaign on your Facebook Page, please note that your page needs to have at least 2,000 fans. Read more about this Facebook restriction here.


Making your campaign available on Facebook


1. In the Channels step of your campaign, select "Facebook" as channel. Then, select the Facebook Page you want to publish your campaign on:


2. Select the name of the Page Tab you want to publish your campaign on


3. Click Check.


4. If App installed appears (in green), the Page Tab selected is already installed and all is well in Wonderland. If Install appears (in orange), click and follow the steps on Facebook to add the Page Tab. 

Note 🔔

It may happen that you see an error message during the installation process. If it reads "This page does not have permission to install the custom tab", it might mean that your Page does not meet the minimum number of followers. Read more about this Facebook restriction here.

5. Click Save or Save and continue in Qualifio.


Note 🔔

You can also share your Qualifio campaign on Facebook without publishing it on your Facebook Page. In this case, Facebook's anti-cloaking restrictions apply.