My Facebook campaign is not accessible on mobile (Smart URL)

Quentin Paquot -

Mobile devices are not able to read the Facebook "App Page". However, Qualifio offers a "Smart URL" to work around this problem and give access to the campaign to all your mobile users.

You can find this Smart URL in the "Channels" step of your campaign.

If you wish to promote a Qualifio campaign published on Facebook via a newsletter, Facebook post, Facebook Ad campaign or any other channel, it is therefore essential that you use the "Smart URL" provided in Qualifio Manager. It is recognisable because it always starts with or another specific format managed in the settings of your account and by your Admins.

You should never copy/paste the URL provided by Facebook (facebook .com/nameofyourfacebookpage/app/0123456789 ...) as it won't be accessible on mobile.