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Get the answers you need with Qualifio. Whether you're conducting a survey to gather feedback or creating engaging quizzes, you can add your own questions, rearrange their order with a simple drag-and-drop, and choose from a wide range of question types to make your questionnaire.

Create a questionnaire

  1. In your Qualifio account, go to Content → Questionnaires.
  2. Click Search from previous questionnaires to browse and use a pre-existing questionnaire.
    Editing a pre-existing questionnaire will affect any existing campaigns where the questionnaire is already being used.
  3. Or, to create a new questionnaire, give it a name and click + Create a new questionnaire to access the questionnaire creator. This is where you can add questions and answers, and adjust the settings for each question.
  4. Select the questionnaire language.

Add questions

Add regular questions

  1. Click + Add a question.
  2. Choose the type of question you want. From drop-down menus to customised matrix tables and multiple choices, Qualifio enables you to ask participants in countless ways by applying a variety of question types.
  3. Set up your question:
    • Your question: enter text to name the question.
    • Possible answers: type the possible responses. This is optional and depends on the question type.
      • Indicate the correct answer to the question to let people know if they're right or wrong as they move through the questionnaire.
      • Add points to your answers to measure the score of participants while making it more engaging for them.
      • Automatically end the questionnaire if the participant selects a specific answer ("Immediate end").
      • Add justification to explain why answers are right or wrong to improve the participant's understanding.

Add AI-generated questions

Qualifio's AI question generator has been meticulously crafted to completely transform the process of quiz creation. Its primary objective is to provide you with the ability to generate quiz questions, tailored to your needs.

  1. Click + Add AI-generated questions.
  2. Enter the subject and let AI create it for you!

See instructions on how to use the AI question generator to make a quiz.

Manage your question's options

Working with hints

Qualifio questions can have hints that give more information. Click on Hint to expand the options for adding hints. Spice it up with a required link click or a fun audio hint!

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Use custom chart colours to reflect your brand

A gorgeous chart can make a great piece of visual information. Qualifio's colour customisation feature will let you change your charts colours by entering a hex code. Pick the colours that most closely match your meaning, or customise them to reflect your brand.

Question types: radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down list, answer buttons, clickable images.

Add image/audio/video answers

With Qualifio, you can create engaging questionnaires by adding media, such as images and videos, to your answer options. Create illustrative questions to get accurate answers and make questionnaires attractive.

Question types: radio buttons, checkboxes, answer buttons, ranking, matrix questions (image only).

Create hover-over/mouse-over descriptions for answers

Add descriptions to answer options when participants hover over them. In your answer, click on the "Add a hover text". Note that the hover won't work on mobile devices.

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Question types: radio buttons, checkboxes, answer buttons, clickable images.

Update or rearrange questions

  • To edit a question, click the ✏️ pencil icon.
  • To move a question or an answer, click and drag it above or below another one.
  • Once you complete adding questions, select Save in the lower right of the questionnaire creator.

Hide questions or answers

This particular feature is helpful if you don't want to display a question or an answer from the user's view. Simply select Hide from the menu.

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