How can I create a question

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To create a question, you have two possibilities : 

Choose an existing questionnaire

Select the questionnaire that you want to use in the drop-down list.
NOTE: If you modify a questionnaire used in multiple campaigns, modifications will apply to all campaigns. You can only use questionnaire originating from the same campaign type (eg: quiz VS chrono quiz)

Create a new questionnaire

Click on “create a new questionnaire”.

Then follow those steps :

  1. Type: choose the question type you will ask the participant and the type of answer you expect. You can choose between different types of questions.

  2. Your question: write your question in this box. You can modify the design of the text by using the different options (size, text color etc.). You can also add web links, images, or flash with the different buttons in the text block. You can also click on "source" to encode your own text.

  3. Illustration type (optional) : you can add an illustration to each question. It can be an image, a video, an MP3 or a compulsory web links. Choose your type of illustration then write or upload it.

  4. Answer: write the different answers that you want to display. You can also add a picture or a sub-question (alphanumeric field question).
    You can add as many answers as you wish by clicking on the button “add new answer”. For each answer,you can add a number of points. 
    NOTE : for a contest do not forget to select the correct answer.
    At the end of your questionnaire, you can also choose the alignment of the answers by ticking the appropriate box.

  5. Explanation of the answer (optional) : the text written in the explanation tab will appear when the participant answers the question in a pop-up or in the following question.

  6. Suspend : by ticking this box the answer will not be displayed anymore. But data associated with this answer will still be available in the statistics of the campaign.

  7. Delete : by ticking this box the answer will be deleted. Be careful as you will also lose data associated with this answer in the statistics.


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