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You are viewing documentation for a feature that is deprecated. As a pre-existing customer, you can still use custom CRM variables for your integration. The feature will continue to work up until it is removed and will be replaced with the mapping variables to help you achieve the same goal. If necessary, your integration variables will be converted during a future update. For more information, see About mapping variables. If you have any questions or concerns related to this feature, contact Support.

CRM variables are used to store and reuse information in your Qualifio account (as dynamic variables) and in your CRM.

Consider the following scenario: you want to know the number of kids each participant has, and you want this information in your database. You can create a custom CRM variable for that.

Create a custom CRM variable

To create a custom CRM variable:

  1. Go to Settings > Variables > Custom CRM variables.
  2. Click + Add new.
  3. In the Create a new custom CRM variable page, do the following:
    • Enter the variable name for easy identification.
    • Select the variable type from the drop-down based on your requirements.
    • Click Add this variable.


You will now find this variable in the drop-down list when creating a new field in a form.

Using our previous example: In the field "how many kids do you have" you can now select your variable "number of kids" and this data will appear in your CRM.

Important notes

  • Users with Administrator or Marketer profile can create and manage CRM variables.
  • By default, each account is allowed to create 130 custom CRM variables.
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