How to create a custom CRM variable

Jérome Guibaud -

A custom variable allows you to identify a specific data in your database (and your CRM) from a campaign to another

For example:  "How many kids do you have?" : you want this information to appear in you database but there is no custom variable that match this particular information. You need to create a custom variable.

To create this variable:

  • click on "settings" in the upper part of all Qualifio screen
  • Click on management of CRM 
  • First go to "setting" in your Qualifio account and click on "management of CRM custom variables".
  • In the left part give a name to your variable, this name will allow you to find it when you create a field in a form
  • Select the type of variable
        - yes/no = the player will answer with yes/no radio buttons or a checkbox 
        - Text zone = the answer expected by the player will be text 
  • Click on "add this variable"




You will now find this variable in the dropdown list when creating a new field in a form.

Using our previous example : In the field "how many kids do you have" you can now select your variable "number of kids" and this data will appear in your CRM.