How to create a new form

Jérome Guibaud -

When you have created an identified campaign, you need to include a form in order to qualify your audience. You can choose between create a new form or using an existing one.

  • Working on an existing form: Select in the dropdown list of existing forms the one you want to insert in your campaign. Be careful, if you modify this form, this modification will apply to all other campaigns using this form.
  • Working on a new form: Give a distinctive title to your form and click on “create a new form”


Important: It is mandatory to have at least the three following fields: First name, Last name & Mail.

When your form is selected, or created, you have two choices:

  1. Attach an existing field: you can attach an existing field you have created for another form previously. For example you can use the field “first name” 
  1. Create a new field :

a) Type: Choose the type of field you want to display: alphanumeric text, dropdown list, optin, email field etc…

b) Your question: Write the text you want to be displayed near your field, for example use “Your name”

c) CRM variable: Associate a variable to your field. For example if you create an email field with “Your email” displayed to participant,  select “email” in the CRM dropdown list.  If none of the variable correspond to your question choose “non applicable” or create your own customized variable.

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d) Mandatory / optional: Choose to make the field mandatory or optional. Attention: according to European law, an optin must be optional.