Using co-registration integrations to monetise your audience

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What it is

Co-registration is an arrangement where one company uses another company's subscriber or newsletter base to gain new subscribers on their own. It is a great way to increase brand recognition, reach a wider audience and acquire email addresses.

How it works

Participants in your campaign may be prompted to sign up for newsletters by one of your partners. This partner is usually another company that paid you to try to pick up new subscribers. (Usually, the co-registration works on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis.)

Should the participant agree and check the box, you'll be able to transfer their data to the co-registration partner presented in the campaign.

It is important that participants explicitly opt into the partner newsletter to ensure that they truly want to hear from them. That's why we recommend never to use pre-checked boxes or defaulted positive opt-in mechanisms.

Using co-registration integrations

The Qualifio platform gives you the ability to integrate with co-registration softwares:

  • Gooptin
  • AdvertiseMe

Co-registration integrations ensure that all leads captured are entered directly into your database – no manual input required.

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