How to generate new followers with a soft gate

Marc-Alexis Dufour -

What is a soft gate?

A soft gate is a customizable box displayed on top of the first screen of your campaign. It invites participants to like a specific Facebook page or Twitter account before entering a campaign.

It can be activated in the tab "1. <Publication Channel” simply check ''activate a soft gate.

The soft gate can be used in any contest on any publication channel and works on mobile devices. However - in order inter alia to respect Facebook rules -  you can’t force participants to like your Facebook page or Twitter account.

For example, you can invite participants to like your Facebook page or Twitter account from a contest on your website. But participants can skip this step and access your campaign without clicking on the "like" of "follow" button.

Warning: Your Soft Gate won't work if you have age and geo-restrictions on your Facebook page. More info:

How to set up your soft gate?

Go to the step "publication channel" of your campaign click on ''activate a soft gate''.

  1. Set your soft gate: Activate Twitter And/or Facebook

    For Facebook: The URL of your page.

    twitter: the name of the account (without « @ »)

    Example: Qualifio

  2. Type title for the soft gate pop-up. Type a description for this pop-up.

  3. Insert a description for this pop-up

  4. Enter a label for the closing button. This button allows participants to access your campaign without liking your page. An ”exit" button is also available in the top right hand.

  5. Choose a background image. This is optional: if you do not enter a background image, the welcome screen will appear blurred in the background.