How to use videos in my campaigns

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Use a video in your campaign to illustrate either a question or an answer. Or simply display in on your welcome or exit screen. The quickest and easiest way to do it through embedding the iframe in the source code of your campaign. In order to do that, your video must be hosted on a multimedia player (such as YouTube, Vimeo, or your own player).

1. How can I get the embed code of the video?

If your video is already uploaded on YouTube, you can easily obtain the integration/embed code (iframe) by simply visiting the video on YouTube, then click on Share > Embed as shown hereunder:

The same goes for most of the other well-known platforms. For instance, on Vimeo, there's a paper plane icon on the video itself.

2. How can I put the video on the welcome/exit screen of my campaign? 

If you use the embed code as shown above and want to display the video in the welcome or exit screen of your campaign, it is possible to put the embed code directly in the source code of your screen. To do so, go to the Welcome step, click on the Source button and simply paste the code in the text editor.

3. How can I put the video in a question or an answer?

If you want to put the video in your question: Just copy and paste the embed code in the source code of your question (same technique as shown above for the welcome and exit screen).

If you want to put the video in your answer: Go to the Questions step of your campaign, in the question itself, and click on the Multimedia button of the answer you want to illustrate. You will see that you can use either an URL or an embed code to get the video.


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