How to automatically redirect an exit screen to another URL?

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Qualifio allows you to automatically redirect your participants to a different web page after their participation in your campaign. So how do we do that? In this article, you'll learn about the Automatic redirection settings. Let's get started!

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Configuring the Automatic redirection

Automatic redirection is used in a situation where a participant has taken part in your campaign and when they reach the exit screen (or "thank you" screen) they are redirected to another page. For instance, you could include a link to your website to create awareness about a new service and boost website traffic.

To set up an automatic redirection, go to Campaigns (select a campaign) > Edit > Exit step > Automatic redirection. With this, you can

  • provide a URL for the page you want to redirect to,
  • set the time before the redirection happens: you can choose to have the participant stay on the exit screen for a short amount of time and then be redirected (or set it to 0 if you want the page to load the new URL immediately),
  • and customise the "target" attribute:
    • _top → tells the browser to open that link into the top-level browsing context, which means "the whole page" in a situation where you have an embedded campaign (iframe)
    • _self → tells the browser to open that link within the same page
    • _blank → tells the browser to open that link in a new window (or tab)


When the Automatic redirection is set up, the participants will be automatically redirected from the campaign's exit screen to the URL of your choice.

This "automatic" redirection is supported by virtually any campaign type, but will not allow you to add multiple magic redirects based on the exit screen that is shown to a participant (e.g. exit screens based on score or personality test results). If you want additional redirections, you should redirect to another URL with JavaScript. It's pretty easy!

JavaScript redirections for multiple exit screens

For instance, imagine you're making a product recommendation test for your eCommerce products. When the test is finished, the answers to the questions orient participants to different results that are products or product categories. You could include links to your product pages to complement your marketing efforts and put the appropriate URL based on the participant's test result.

To configure automatic redirections with multiple exit screens, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Qualifio campaign for editing and go to the Exit step.
  2. Enable automatic redirection for each of the exit screens by adding this code:
<script type="text/javascript">
function redirection() {'', '_top');
setTimeout("redirection()", 1000);

The example above enables automatic redirection to the website of Qualifio. To specify the URL to which the participant should be redirected, you should, of course, change the URL and replace it with that of your choice. Replace 1000 with the time in milliseconds or 0 to make it happen immediately.

Important: Please note that some browsers block pop-ups and redirects from working and that some older browser versions may not support automatic redirections at all.

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