How to use automatic redirection

Marc-Alexis Dufour -

The automatic redirection is a Qualifio’s functionality you can use to redirect the participant automatically once he/she has played to your campaign.

The automatic redirection can be very useful to automatically redirect the participant to the webpage of your sponsor, your home page, a specific section, or any other webpage.

Practically, you will find the automatic redirection feature in the “Exit” stage of your campaign. Once this option has been activated, you have 3 criteria:

A redirection link

  • A redirection link
  • Time before redirection (3 seconds by default)
  • Redirection mode: Top / Self / Blank 

- Blank (by default) : Opens the link in a new window.
- Self : Opens the link in the same window.
- Top : Loads the linked data in the full body of the window.


  1. Please be aware that this feature can be blocked by your browser and its popup blocker.
  2. Please be aware that some old browser versions may not support this automatic redirection.