Can I verify a participant’s age in a Qualifio campaign?

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With Qualifio, you cannot technically block children from accessing your campaign, nor can you make sure users are not lying about their age. However, Qualifio takes steps to help you verify age in a registration form. There are currently 3 verification methods you may use and combine, depending on your objective.

How Qualifio can help you with age verification

The first step to running your campaign with confidence is to specify a minimum age requirement in your rules and inform your participants that proof may be required.

  • Age checkbox: Require participants to tick a box and confirm minimum age requirements ("I confirm that I am 16 years of age or older"). It may not be enough in some cases, but it’s a good start if you want to ensure you’re not marketing products intended for adults to minors (e.g. lotteries, wine and spirits…)
  • Document upload: Alternatively, you could ask participants to submit a proof of age using an upload field to enable the submission of a copy of official identification that shows their birthdate (e.g. driver’s license, ID, passport). However, this method doesn’t support instant verification, so you would have to manually verify their ages… Not ideal if you have hundreds or thousands of participants, but this possibility exists and may allow you to drive possible cheaters away.
  • Birthdate check: Definitely our favourite method! Using a birthdate field will allow you to verify a participant’s age with no delay, and to keep children out. (Although sometimes it’s the adults you need to block, e.g. if you’re offering a student discount or running a campaign designed specifically for children.)
    You may also use birthdate fields with a conditional logic: have participants enter their birthdate and, depending on the data submitted, have other fields appear, e.g. for additional verification or parental consent.

In the example below, the conditional field is used to verify that an adult is giving a child permission to participate in the campaign.


Learn more about conditional forms in Qualifio →

Pro Tip: A birthdate field's validation criteria can be customised, including with a minimum age and a personalised error message for when this requirement is not met.


You can edit an existing field by accessing its Validation tab:


Why it matters

Age verification and parental consent are hot topics, especially for maintaining GDPR compliance.

According to Article 8 of the GDPR, companies that process personal data of minors must request consent from parents when the child is under 16 years of age (the lawyer Axel Beelen explains it to you in this video).

However, each country has the possibility to lower this age limit to at least 13 years, which many Member States have done, including Belgium and Spain. "The age of consent" is set at 16 in The Netherlands and Germany.

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