Using UTM tags to identify traffic sources in Qualifio

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UTM tags are helpful for identifying where traffic comes from, especially if you are trying to determine where to focus your attention for the best return on investment. Here are the basics of what UTM codes are and what they do.

What is a UTM tag?

According to Christian Sculthorp, Marketing Director at AgencyAnalytics, a UTM tag "is a snippet of simple code that you can add to the end of a URL to track the performance of campaigns and content."

Here is an example URL with UTM tags:

Common parameters include:

  • Campaign source: utm_source; usually the site, such as Facebook or blog (where is your traffic coming from?)
  • Campaign medium: utm_medium; the type of traffic, such as a banner ad or tweet (how is traffic coming through?)
  • Campaign name: utm_campaign; for ad or marketing campaign names (why is traffic coming to your campaign?)

Does Qualifio support UTM tags?

Yes. UTM tags are tracked in Qualifio!

Where can I see the results in Qualifio?

Here's where:

  1. In your campaign statistics, go into Detailed Report > Participations or Participants. On the right, UTM columns identify the traffic source, medium, campaign name, etc. for each participation.
  2. Qualifio also provides you with an incoming traffic breakdown. In Detailed Report > Dashboard (main tab), scroll down toward the bottom. You will see that traffic sources are automatically split into categories based on the UTM tags you added to your URL when sharing the link all across the Internet:


You can also see the results in the Global Stats.

You should make sure that the URL of every ad you create or every post you share is tagged with these UTM tags. If you don't tag your URLs with UTM parameters, it's impossible to differentiate the traffic sources that feed your campaign.

Tip: Behold, you cannot tag your links with UTMs in Qualifio! But you might like to use one of these free UTM generators that do the magic for you:

Quick notes on UTM tags for Qualifio users

Qualifio campaigns embedded as iframes: UTM tags cannot be used with the HTML integration tag, as it is not able to pass these parameters from the URL to the iframe. This is however possible using Qualifio's JavaScript integration tag.

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