How to use dynamic variables in your campaigns

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Variables are pieces of information that are related to a participation. You can use those to customise your messages.


This message in your exit screen: "Thank you {firstname}, you reached {score} points, you can participate again until {dateTO}."

Will display as such for the participant: "Thank you Marc, you reached 3 points, you can participate again until 15/09/2015."

You can use variables in:

  1. The welcome screen;
  2. The exit screen;
  3. The e-mail sent to participants (and its subject line);
  4. The share screens (e.g. the virality text for a Facebook share).

In these screens, below the text zone, you'll find a button that allows you to insert dynamic variables. Once you've clicked on this button, all the variables that can be used for this screen will appear.

You can also create customised variables (e.g. the participant's hobby, an opt-in etc.) in the "Settings" of your account (displayed in the upper part of every Qualifio screen). 

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Advanced Use

If you are using closed values such as gender or other custom CRM variables (eg: {label1_int}, the default dynamic variable displayed with the value (if present) instead of the label. (eg: Male instead of Sir)

Yet, in some cases, you may want to display the label of the value (eg: Thank you Sir VS Thank you Male). You may then add .label at the end of the variable to display its label instead of the value.

Examples: {gender.label} or {label1_int.label}

This will be possible only in cases of 'closed values', not for open fields.

NB: If for a question, two answers have the same value but different labels, only the first label will be displayed.

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