Can I do a bulk upload of my pictures ?

Sébastien Desprez -

First, you will have to create a regular upload campaign with an upload question and a form BEFORE doing the bulk upload. At the same time you can already create your voting campaign that you have to link with the upload campaign.

Once this is done you can go in the tab "Documents" and select the "Batch Upload for photo contests".  


  1. Select the upload campaign you want to import pictures in.
  2. A drop zone will appears, there you will be able to select your pictures and import these into Qualifio.
  3. Your campaign will then appears below.
  4. If you click on it you will discover all your pictures with the fields of the form you've selected in the upload campaign.
  5. You have to fill in the first row and then apply it to all the others (by clicking on the small icon below each field of the first row).


This is because the bulk upload simulates a regular participation of a user but you can choose to not display those informations in the voting gallery in your vote campaign (in the "vote" tab).

Once this is done you can make a preview of your voting campaign and the gallery should appears with all of your pictures.


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