How to force a format of answer of a numeric or alphanumerical field ?

Sébastien Desprez -

The validation for numerical and alphanumerical fields is a tab available when editing this kind of field. 



1. You can insert a min/max number of characters.

2. Set up a mask : 

For example, if you want to get a membership card number with three letters and three numbers, enter 999AAA. You can also use spaces or special characters such as - or / or () or.

Here the characters to use in your alphanumeric input masks:

Character in the input mask Effect
A Allows an uppercase or lowercase character: A–Z and a–z.
X Allows an uppercase or lowercase character or number: A–Z, a–z, and 0–9.
9 Allows a number: 0–9.
? Allows any character.
All other characters Automatically inserts the literal character (for example a VAT number starting with BE or FR)

3. Enter an explanatory text that will be part of the field. 

4. Create a custom error message in case of the user's data didn't match with your validation.