How can I track my campaigns in Google Analytics?

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The standard Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager (GTM) tag tracks page views. If your tracking code is set up correctly, a page view will be counted each time a Qualifio iframe is updated, whether the publication channel is an iframe, minisite, etc.

In order to track each page view of a Qualifio campaign in Google Analytics, you have 2 options:

Track all campaigns linked to a specific website

This is a one-shot setup.

  1. In the menu bar, click on Settings
  2. Click on Websites
  3. Select your website in the right part of the screen and click on the edit button
  4. Click on the Tags tab
  5. Copy/paste your Google Analytics Tracking Code or Google Tag Manager Tracking Code in the Google Analytics window.
  6. Click on Apply to all campaigns linked to this website
  7. Click on Edit this website

All campaigns linked to this website will now have a pre-filled Tracking Code in the Tag tab of the Publication Channel windows while editing a campaign.

Track a specific single campaign

If you need to track a single specific campaign, let's say for a partner, copy-paste your Tracking Code directly into the edition mode of a specific campaign.

  1. In the "Channel" step
  2. Click on Tags
  3. Click on the Google Analytics tag Tab
  4. Copy/paste your Tracking Code

I followed the steps above and integrated my Qualifio campaign via iframe on my website, yet pageviews don't show in GA. Why?

The problem you are experiencing may be related to the fact that the default domain name of the iframe ( is different from the domain name of your site. This often leads to errors and inconsistencies in Google Analytics because Google Analytics cannot, by default, track multiple domains.

To correct this, we recommend you create a specific subdomain related to your website, for example, in the module "Websites" of your Qualifio account.

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