How to create a "battle" campaign?

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A battle format is a series of one-click polls between 1 or more entries (pictures of celebrities, sport personalities, cars, buildings, IT gadgets, etc.). You define the number of entries to display on each page and the display mode (random or ordered mode). The entries can be displayed with images or buttons.

The exit screen displays a ranking with the percentage of won battles per entry. In the example below Sheldon Cooper has been chosen in 14% of the battles where he has been displayed.

Make sure you don't forget these steps when creating your battle

Look and feel

Battle campaigns have specific templates dedicated to this type of game. Select the one that better fits the battle you want to create.


Create your entries 

When you create a battle campaign you can make 2 choices as answers:

- answer selecting a button

- click on an image

You can give a title to your battle (optional), which will be present on all pages of your battle.

For each entry: upload your picture (it will be optimised by the template). For 'click-on-an-image' answers you must write a label, useful for the statistics of your campaign. However, you can choose not to display labels to players.

Under the button 'Graphs':

  1. Select a color that will be associated to each entry on the graph of the exit screen
  2. Give to each entry a short label that will also appear on the graph

Set up your look and feel 

Once entries are defined you can choose how to display them in the different pages of your battle.

In Display mode you can choose :

  1. If entries will appear in the order you have created them OR randomly.
  2. How many entries will be displayed per page. Participants will be able to choose only one entry per page.

In 'time limit' per question you can choose to limit the time allowed to give an answer to each question. If no choice has been done by the participant once the time limit is reached this question will not impact statistics and the next question will display.

Set up your graph 

On the exit screen your battle results are displayed through a graph. Each entry of your battle displays its percentage of won battles. In the example below Clay Morrow has been chosen in 86% of the of the battles where he has been displayed.

You can select different display options for your graph: 

  1. Display the graphs
  2. Sort results in descending order
  3. Display questions
  4. Display the total number of votes
  5. Display the bars
  6. Display illustrations of the answers (if available)
  7. Only display the first results



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