How to create an upload campaign for my photo or video contest

Tabata Vossen -

When you create a photo, video or writing contest, you can ask for participants to upload their own photos, videos or texts. Therefore, you will need an upload campaign. Here are its specificities.

Questions step

1. Select the 'Upload' type of question.

2. Tick the boxes matching the types of files you accept.

3. Choose a maximum size for those files (Warning! Heavy/huge files may slow down the display speed of your gallery).


Can I have categories in my gallery?

Yes. If you wish, you can create several categories of photos, videos or texts. In order to do so, create another, closed question. The answer to this question will be used as a filter in your gallery. E.g. create a question "Which animal is on this picture?" and three answers "a. A cat; b. A dog; c. A rabbit". You will then have the option to apply those filters to your gallery (tick the adequate box in the 'Settings' step > 'Gallery' section > 'Thumbnails' tab):


This is how it will show in your gallery:


Can I create several upload fields?

It is possible for you to allow participants to submit multiple photos, videos or texts within the framework of a single participation. You only have to create multiple upload fields (and thus, questions) in your campaign. Beware that these questions must appear in a row —you can't have other questions inbetween.


Once you've done that, participants will have the opportunity to upload two or more pictures, videos or texts, within their unique participation.


How will this display in the gallery?

A participant's different photos, videos or texts will be displayed under one thumbnail in the gallery —which means that they will all appear behind the first photo, video or text that was uploaded. 


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