How to create a vote campaign

Aurélien Berhin -

Voting campaign

In a Vote campaign, the usual steps of Qualifio campaigns are available but the step "Votes" has its own characteristics :

  1. Select the upload campaign associated with your Voting campaign.

  2. Select your voting method :
    You can choose a vote on a limited or unlimited number of photos. Give a vote in a photo is equal to offer a point.

    Remark: If you let participants vote for several photos or videos and propose them to share their vote on Facebook at the end of the campaign, they will only be able to share the first photo they voted for.

  3. Define your gallery look and feel :
    Different responsive design galleries are available. Choose how many thumbnails will be displayed per page. You can even define the way the name of the participant will appear.

  4. Select the “social” options :
    This option allows you to enable additional virality elements.


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