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Looking to promote your business, increase engagement, attract new customers and, ultimately, boost your sales? Creating a contest is the right marketing technique. But even though it all seems very fun, legally speaking, you have to add rules before launching your online contest. Rules provide participants with essential details such as how long the contest will last or what the eligibility constraints are. Qualifio makes it easy to display your contest rules within your campaign. Let’s check it out.

How to create rules templates for your contests

You can create official rules templates directly in Qualifio. Go to Documents and click Contest rules.


Here is the rules templates set-up page. Please type the rules or copy-paste them from your computer, then decide which types of campaigns this template should be available in.

Under the text field, you can click Dynamic variables to place variables in the text and create dynamic rules templates (i.e. some elements of the text will change based on your campaign settings). For instance, if the {dateFrom} and {dateTO} variables are used, the start date and end date shown in your rules will change without you having to update these dates individually in each campaign.

How to include your official contest rules in your campaign

Once you create your campaign, you can add your official rules to it.

Go to your campaign, and click Settings > Rules, winners and contact > Rules.


From there, you can choose a template to work with, modify the contest rules and download them as PDF.


Agreement to rules

To ensure that participants agree to the rules by entering the contest, you can opt to request a read confirmation on the welcome screen.


Hit the Save button and that's it!

Now, visit your campaign's preview. A button to open your official rules has been added. Participants will be able to click this button and a pop-up containing the rules will open.

You can also include a link to your official rules with a required checkbox field in your form. For more advanced documentation on this topic, see Add "I agree to rules" checkbox.

Good luck!

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