Publication channels

Aurélien Berhin -

To create a campaign, the first step is based on the publication channels.

First of all, it is mandatory to give a title to your campaign.

You must also select the language of your campaign. Different languages are enabled by our helpdesk to suit your needs.


It is important to define a publication channel, Qualifio offers you 3 possibilities :

  • Widget/iframe
  • Minisite
  • Facebook page

You can add one or more publication channels :


Widget / iframe


Facebook Page

  1. Select the site linked to this campaign.
  2. Select dates of beginning and end.
  3. Enter the URL on which your  iframe will be published. This step is essential for a share or Like Facebook, and in the XML of your campaign.
  1. Select the site linked to this campaign.
  2. Select dates of beginning and end.

  1. Select the site linked to this campaign.
  2. Select your Facebook page and your tab. You must be the admin of your page.
  3. Select dates of beginning and end.
  4. Make sure the application is installed on this tab. If it's not the case, read this FAQ

What Qualifio provides you :

An HTML iframe or JavaScript code

A URL that can be linked to your subdomain.

A smart URL such as that refers to a Facebook application.


Soft Gate (Optional)


A soft gate is a customizable box displayed on top of the first screen of your campaign. It invites participants to like a Facebook page or follow a Twitter account.

It is very easy to set up your soft gate,

Read more :


Tags are pieces of code allowing to call tools like Google Analytics, Xiti, etc.

These settings are generally added in the configuration of the website in the parameters and therefore automatic. Most users should not handle this step. If in doubt, contact your administrator or our help desk.


Added HTML code tag

Copy and paste extra code that will be loaded on each page of the game. (Adding banners, frames in the game, etc.).

Google Analytics  tag

Copy and paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code or Google Tag Manager code to record each page views and generate events via Google Tag Manager.

Audience tag

Xiti, COM, etc. These tags are not loaded in the first page of the game (to avoid double tagging = count twice the same page in audience measurement)

CCI (Custom Campaign Information)

Specific items used for some integrations with third-party software. This variable is provided as needed by the Qualifio team.