Welcome screen

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General terms

You can customise the Welcome screen. If you leave this box empty, the Welcome screen will not appear and participants will go directly to the questions or to the identification form. The tab "Before the campaign" shows before the start of the campaign, the tab "After the campaign" after the end of the campaign.

The welcome screen

Type welcome messages before, during and after the campaign.


You can also add an HTML code for an even more important customization.


This option allows you to add a security mode to your campaign. 

  1. a captcha.
  2. an access code (the same for everybody), given in a radio show for example.
  3. a unique code, different for all participants and usable only once.

 Tacit optins

This option allows participants to give their consent to optins by clicking on the “Participate” button :  when they click on the "Participate" button, they agree to receive newsletter/s.  You can edit the message that notifies them of this tacit opt-in and a message that allows them, alternatively, to play without accepting these opt-ins. Tacit opt-ins are configured at the step "FORM", by selecting a "tacit opt-in" field. Note that if the participant chooses to play without accepting opt-ins, these opt-ins will be shown below the identity form (non-tacitly in this case).


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Prizes’ management

You can also insert prizes. This is very important if you want to automatically manage your prize draws after the end of your campaign and send e-mails to winners.

Partners’ management

You can also insert the logo of your partners: logos will appear at each page of your contest.