Identification form

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When you have created an identified campaign, you need to include a form in order to register your participants. You can choose between creating a new form or using an existing one.

Warning : only admins & marketeers have rights to create and modify a form. Other profiles will have to choose a form in the list of existing form. 

Working on an existing form:

Select in the drop-down list of existing forms the one you want to insert in your campaign. Be careful, if you modify this form, this modification will apply to all other campaigns using this form.

Working on a new form:

Give a distinctive title to your form and click on “create a new form”.

When your form is selected, or created, you have two choices:

  1. Attach an existing field: you can attach an existing field you have created for another form previously. For example, you can use the field “first name”.

  2. Create a new field :
  • Type: Choose the type of field you want to display: alphanumeric text, drop-down list, optin, email field etc…
  • Your question : Write the text you want to be displayed near your field, for example use “Your name”
  • CRM variable: Associate a variable to your field. For example, if you create an email field with “Your email” displayed to participants,  select “email” in the CRM drop-down list.  If none of the variable correspond to your question choose “non-applicable” or create your own customized variable.

Warning : It is imperative to have at least the following three fields in your form :
Firstname / Lastname / Email 

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Data validation

Thanks to the Validation tab, you can make sure that participants fill in your form according to your expectations.

In entry mask, set here the model (or input mask) of your alphanumeric field.

For example, if you want to get a membership card number with three letters and three numbers, enter 999AAA. You can also use spaces or special characters such as - or / or () or.


Here the characters to use in your alphanumeric input masks:


Character in the input mask : Effect :
A Allows an uppercase or lowercase character: A–Z and a–z.
X Allows an uppercase or lowercase character or number: A–Z, a–z, and 0–9.
9 Allows a number: 0–9.
? Allows any character.
All other characters Automatically inserts the literal character (for example a VAT number starting with BE or FR)


In field information text, enter an explanatory text that will be part of the field (= placeholder). For example: Enter your mobile number.

In the error message,  you can define the message that will be displayed to the user if the information has not been entered or not entered in the correct format. For example: The field "Phone" has not been properly completed ".


To go further

Position of the form & additional text

Choose to position your form before or after your questions and add comments above and / or below your form.

Single Sign On (SSO) and Facebook Connect

If your visitors are already registered on your site through your own registration system (SSO or single sign-on), you don’t want to bother them with a detailed participation form for every campaign. They should only need their e-mail and password to be recognized as a member of your site.

With customized integration, Qualifio can easily connect with your CRM or SSO database and interact in real time to check login details of members and insert new members into your CRM. An SSO integration offers the following advantages :

  1. Improve user-experience for your members;
  2. Get data in real time in your own systems;
  3. Boost SSO registrations on your website.

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In this “optins” options, you can add optin from your own brands or an external advertiser under the identity form. These optins must first be created in the menu item “Optins” on the top of your manager.

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With the Qualifio Coreg Module, you display a coregistraion screen after the identification form. The coregistration screen allows participants to subscribe to newsletters or other services of other sites or partners. Coregistrations are to be set in the Coreg section (Coregs icon).

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Additional questionnaire or survey

You can let your participants fill out an additional survey or questionnaire (qualification questionnaire). By activating this option, a new tab 'qualification' will appear to let you configure the questionnaire or survey.

Tacit opt-ins

This option allows you tacitly validate opt-ins by the campaign participants. When they validate the identity form, they agree to receive newsletter/s. You can edit the message that notifies them of this tacit opt-in and a message that allows them, alternatively, to play without accepting these opt-ins. Tacit opt-ins are configured at the step 'FORM', by selecting a 'tacit opt-in' field. Note that you can also show tacit optins at the Welcome screen.

It is also important to notice that the user must be able to participate without subscribing to the opt-in. It's a legal obligation.

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Captch me

This option allows you to activate the component Captch me which prevents from unwanted bots.