How to publish a campaign on Instagram

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In this post, we’ll explore the different ways you can publish or promote your contests and interactive campaigns on Instagram.

1. Advertising on Instagram

With this method, you pay to post sponsored content on the Instagram platform. It allows you to reach a larger and more targeted audience and grow your brand exposure.

6-step guide:

  1. Create your campaign in Qualifio
  2. Navigate to Facebook’s Ad Manager (or simply follow this link)
  3. Set your marketing objective and configure your target audience
  4. Choose your placements: you can specify Instagram as a placement, as well as if you’d like your ads to appear in the feed and/or the stories section of the platform
  5. Set your budget and ad schedule
  6. Create your Instagram Ad and make sure you use the “Webview” link to your Qualifio campaign

It’s really that simple! (But if you want to dive into the details, you can read more on Facebook Business’ Advertiser Help.)

2. Instagram Stories (organic)

Instagram Stories links are now available to everyone. Yes, since October 2021, the 10,000 follower minimum is officially over! 

You can add a link to your Qualifio campaign straight from your Instagram Stories, regardless of how many followers you have. To do so, use Instagram's clickable link sticker.


The link sticker can be added anywhere on a story. Just tap the Instagram Stories sticker icon, select the link sticker and paste your link into the field. It's that easy!

3. The "link in bio" method (free)

Instagram’s app doesn’t allow you to place clickable links anywhere except in your bio, which has been a great source of frustration for marketers like you and me. However, if you wish to direct your existing Instagram followers to your campaign, including a shortened link in your bio is a free method that can help you generate more traffic.

Ready to run an interactive campaign on Instagram?

Now that you know of all the possibilities to promote your interactive campaigns through engaging Instagram content, go put your knowledge to work! Just don’t forget to take a look at Instagram’s rules and guidelines regarding promotions first.


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