Exit screen

Aurélien Berhin -

Design your exit screen

Add an exit page or thank you page. You can fully customize this page, display a score, a link to other actions, or a PDF with an invitation or a coupon.

You can also use variables to fully personalize the message.

Examples of variables :

  1. {firstname} = First name of the participant
  2. {lastname} = Name of the participant
  3. {score} = Score obtained by the participant

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Add a custom message based on the score

Click on :

You can add a message based on the participant’s score. Define the scores’ brackets and the message for each bracket.

Messages based on the score complete the text you wrote for the exit screen.

As consequence you can create an exit screen with a common part for all players and a part specific to their score.

Send an email

Send a confirmation or thank you e-mail (Only in case of an identified campaign).

You can complete the text of the exit screen with a specific message based on the score obtained by the participant.

Automatic redirection

Use the automatic redirection to return the player to the site of your choice upon completion of the game :