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General terms

You can create a new questionnaire or start from an existing one :

For each question : 

  1. Choose the type of questions you wish to use : multiple check box, memo field, drop-down list,...
  2. You can add an illustration : text, link, picture, mp3, YouTube embed,...

Tie breaker questions will systematically appear at the end of the quizz in order to select the winners. In some countries, tie breaker question is necessary to avoid  the prize draw.


Here you have all the different types of questions :

Tab “Explanation of your answer”

For a quiz question, you can also choose to explain why this answer was correct and display a text, a link, etc.


Tab “Schedule”

You can plan the appearance of your question and choose to display a question only at a certain moment in time. For example, a question for Monday, a different one for Tuesday, etc.

Options :

  1. Make your questions (or a portion of your questions) appear randomly,
  2. Display the correct answer after each question
  3. Display all questions on the same page
    This option allows you to view all your questions on a single page.
    Attention : by choosing this option, the explanation of the answers and illustrations (links, videos, sounds, pictures) will no longer appear.
    Attention : this option will not be activated for question type "Answer in a Button".
  4. Authorize 'back' to previous question
  5. Display progress of the score
  6. Display "right" or "wrong answer" indicator
  7. Add a timer for each question

Your answers :

For multiple choices, drop down lists, etc. add as many answers as you wish for one question!

Determine the correct answer by selecting the correct answer box 

For each answer you can associate:


A picture to illustrate the answer.


A sub question to detail an answer.


An email which will be sent automatically to players who choose this answer.


A number of points to each answer


For the graph presenting the results of your poll, define the colour of this answer and a short description (optional).


In the personality test, you can link an answer to one or more specific group(s) or profile(s).


Here you have 2 possibilities to insert your video or your music :

  1. a mp3 file (for music)
  2. an Embed code or URL (for music or video)

You can choose to display answers in a vertical or horizontal presentation. This is particularly useful when you use big pictures.

Special cases :


Give a reference time which will become the chrono that the participant has to beat.

Cumulative points

Schedule your questions to choose when each question will be available for players.

For each question, click on « schedule » :

Then click on « only show this question in the following time frame » and use the calendar tool.

This way participants will have to come back at the dates you selected to cumulate points.


  • If you choose to add a tiebreaker question, it will only be displayed once during the first participation.

Sudden Death

You can select the wrong answers that will immediately display the exit screen to the participant. Tick “Immediate end” next to each wrong answer.

Polls & votes
In Polls & votes you can create "ranking" questions.

User generated contest (Photo, video, and text contests)

Guess the word


Advent Calendar