How to create a simple photo or video gallery

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Galleries can be used in two different ways:

  • As part of a UGC (User Generated Content) contest, galleries are used to display the participants' photos, videos or texts and allows visitors to vote for their favourite entry.
  • Used alone, they can be used as simple display galleries, to showcase the photos or videos after an event, for instance. In this case, you are the one to choose and upload the photos or videos.

Please note that this article only concerns the creation of a gallery that doesn't require any intervention from a participant (no submitting of a photo or video, and no votes). If you need more information about other cases, please see our "Read more" section below.

Create a simple gallery

How can you create a simple gallery to display photos or videos?

  1. Create a new "Photo/video contest" campaign > Upload campaign type;
  2. Upload your photos/videos through the Preview mode;
  3. Then create another "Photo/video contest" campaign > Voting campaign type;
  4. Access the "Votes" step and select the upload campaign you just created so that it is linked to your voting campaign;
  5. Go to the "Voting method" subsection and tick the "No vote" option.

If you wish to display your gallery on your website, please use only your voting campaign. (The upload campaign was only required to allow you to upload your photos and videos.)

Look and feel of your gallery

In the "Votes" step of your campaign, go to the "Parameters of the gallery" subsection. Under the "Thumbnails" tab, you will find everything you need to personalise the look and feel of your gallery: thumbnail's type and size, background colour etc.


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