How to integrate multimedia answers ?

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How to integrate multimedia answers ?

It is possible to integrate audio and video answers. To do this, you have to click on the Multimedia button located in every answer.


To integrate audio files, you have two propositions:

  1. Use the embed code of any music platform;
  2. Upload your own .mp3 from your computer.


To integrate a video, you have two propositions :

  1. Copy/Paste the URL of a video coming from Youtube, Dailymotion of Facebook (these 3 platforms only) ; 
  2. Copy/Paste the embed code of a video coming from the platform of your choice.



In which campaign type are multimedia answers available?Multimedia answers are available in all the campaigns that contain questions (except the Battle). For example you won’t be able to add multimedia answers to an Instant Win campaign.


In what kind of answers can we add multimedia answers?
It possible to integrate multimedia content in any kind of closed questions, except the lists.


From which platform can we embed video and audio content ?To insert an audio or video file through the embed code, you can choose any platform that provide an embed code for it’s video or audio files.

To insert a video with an URL, the video must come from Youtube, Dailymotion or Facebook.

It is also possible to insert any MP3 audio file, simply by upoading it from your computer.

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